NOTD: Packers Nails 1

It’s the end of the regular (American) football season, which means one thing: everyone in Green Bay is decked out in green and yellow. I’ll admit: football isn’t my most favorite sport.


That doesn’t mean, of course, that I don’t show Packers pride. It just means I don’t dye my hair green and yellow. I paint my nails, instead. This time, I decided on one of the more popular “at home” nail decorations: sponging.


  • Sally Hansen HD Nail Color – Lite
  • Sally Hansen HD Nail Color – Resolution
  •  ULTA Nail Polish – Envy
  •  Base (Orly Nail Defense) and Top (OPI Top Coat and Sally Hansen MegaShine) coat
  •  A sponge

What I used for my nail design

As you can see, I used two different shades of green. The reason I did so was because the first time I tried it, I used just Envy. It looked more like a fungus was invading my nailbed. Then again, with the yellow and the green…you could say it’s TWO funguses.

Now, the cases for sponges. I’ve tried three types: a cosmetic wedge, a eyeshadow applicator, and a chunk torn off of a bath sponge. Each one has its hits and misses…

Which do I choose...

The makeup wedge has the smallest holes (aka sponge-ness) out of the three, meaning it has the smallest texture. It covers more of the nail than the other three. It’s also relatively easy to use. It’s probably the most expensive option of the three, though (I haven’t hit the dollar store yet: I paid around 2 to 2.50 for a package of 32 wedges).

The eyeshadow applicator has the middle sponge-ness of the three. It’s also in the middle, price wide. The issue I had with it on a previous manicure is that I found it a bit hard to work with. Then again, the eyeshadow applicator I used was something I found floating around one of the drawers in my house. Who knows how old it was, so part of the issue may have been that, simply, the glue had disingegrated, leaving the sponge to wobble around.

The last option I used was a chunk of a bath sponge. The one I used was made to look like an actual sponge, so the sponge-ness varies, depending on where you use it. If you’re looking for a sponge that gives the most random coverage, this would be the best one to use. It was, I thought, the most economical of the group: I spent about two dollars on a sponge four inches in diameter and about an inch and a half thick, and all you do is just rip off a chunk when you want to use it. My choice this time (if you were paying attention before, you’d know…)


Yes, I have an addiction with Photoshop. Is that wrong? :p

I used Lite as the base color, because it wouldn’t have shown up if I used one of the other two as a base. One of the keys to a good gradient is to go lightest to darkest. Pretty simple (and basic), I know. Lite’s one of the older colors in my collection: I’m not sure if Sally Hansen even makes it. They call it a “high definition” color, and in a way, it fits. It’s a very bright yellow pearl, with a teeny tiny hint, I think, of holographic. In fact, all three colors are pearls. I applied one layer, then applied Mega Shine on top of it. Mega Shine is a quick-dry top coat, so it was dry in about a minute or so, as opposed to if I’d have let Lite dry on its own.

After it was dry, I very lightly applied a layer of Resolution on top of it. After that layer was dry, I added a second layer a little further up. Resolution is green, but can appear at times to be a more of a teal color. The two layers helped to make a more gradient appearance. Like with Lite, Resolution is a pearl with a hint of holographic in it.

Finally, I added two layers of Envy, one layer applied lighter than the other. As the name suggest, Envy is a dark green color. I thought the polish was a bit thick at first, but I added some nail polish remover to thin it out. (Is it okay that I did that? I guess I’ll find out.) Based on a hint I found on The Nail Polish Addict, I painted the sponge with the nail polish, and then sponged it on. It seemed like the makeup sponge sucked up more polish that way.

Here is the final result, after using my top coat:


Yes, that is my wall behind my pudgy hand. Yes, it is purple.

That’s it for this nail design. Have you tried to sponge paint your nails? How did it turn out, and did you like it? Happy painting!


Note: All nail polishes used are from my personal collection, and were not provided for review by any makers mentioned.


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