NotD: Glowing Bloom

While looking around on Pinterest, I stumbled upon a site called Design Seeds©, which show pre-made color pallets based on images. This helps when you have a base color…but don’t know which other colors to go around it.

I had already painted my nails with Revlon’s Grape Icy from their Scented collection:

Revlon's Grape Icy: the base

It smells awesome…but it takes FOREVER to dry. 😦

With that color in mind, I went searching for a set of colors, and found their pallet called “Glowing Bloom”. And thus….my next mani was born.


  • Revlon Scented Grape Icy
  •  Mini bottle of one of Borghese’s purple polishes. I looked all over for the name, and couldn’t find it. 😦
  •  Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps: Magenta Creme
  •  Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtremewear: Mellow Yellow
  •  Ulta Brand: Envy
  •  NMI Northern Lights
  •  Standard base/top coats.

Colors Used

As I mentioned in my Packers Nails post, I have several types of sponges that I use for sponge painting. This time, I decided on ripping chunks out of my (unused!) bath sponge, and apply the paint to the sponge by painting it on the sponge. I’ve seen this suggestion as an application idea, and I’m not 100 percent sold on it.

After the Grapy Icy, I applied the Borghese.

Purple on Purple

(Some of these are from my right hand, so they may look shaky.)

After that, I applied Magenta Creme, Mellow Yellow, and then finally Envy.

Adding the pink. I had to put two coats on so it wasn't washed out by the purples.

Then the yellow. Like the pink, I had to put two layers on.

Once I got all the colors on, I used a cheapish top coat, and brushed it from tip to base, to blend the colors down. Then, after that way dry, I added two layers of Northern Lights.

All done! Oooh, look at the shinies....

I absolutely LOVE Northern Lights, and I’m glad I picked it up on a whim at Sally Beauty Supply. It’s a good quality top coat, and with the holographic bits in it, it can either add shine to a creme/matte polish, add a little bling to any type of pearl or metallic polish, AND also looks cool just worn alone. I am DEFINITELY going to have to buy a new bottle soon.

While it didn’t turn out QUITE like I hoped, I still like the colors. Very Mardi Gras-esque. I’ll probably re-visit these colors then.

Note: All nail polishes used are from my personal collection, and were not provided for review by any makers mentioned.


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