52 Week Challenge: French Tip Mani

It’s that time.

Playoffs. My weekly mani update.

In honor of the NFL Wild Card Playoffs (and the Packers playing next weekend), I decided to deck my nails in more green and yellow splendor. Hey, I did my nails during the playoffs last year, and the Packers won the Super Bowl, so…

PLAYOFFS!? Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?!?

I used Sally Hansen’s Mellow Yellow and Ulta’s Envy for the tips, very carefully tracing along the curve of my free edge. I then coated them with a layer of Sally Hansen Double Duty Base/Top Coat to try to even everything out and soften the edges. (No pictures, because my camera wasn’t cooperating with me. DX) On top of that, I added a layer of Sinful Colors’ Call You Later, then another coat of Double Duty.

I use Mellow Yellow VERY rarely, because I do not like the formula at all. It’s extremely streaky, and takes forever to dry decently. Call You Later is an interesting mix. It has teeny tiny yellow glitters, tiny green glitters, and medium sized green glitters. The only drawback is well…it’s a glitter.

(I’m holding a lemongrass lavender lotion bar from a local company.)

EDIT: Because of the number of people that are doing this, I’ve got a section of my links especially set up for the 52 Week Mani Challenge blogs that I know of. If you want to be added, just let me know. 🙂

Note: All nail polishes and lotions mentioned are from my personal collection, and were not provided for review or compensation.


3 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge: French Tip Mani

  1. Ooohh, that is really lovely and very delicate – makes for a great french tip mani. On another note, Blogger has decided I should get a notice about you posting on my mani, but not make it visible on the blog.So I have your comment in my mail box but not on my blog – very weird!!

    And please feel free to ad me to your list, I’ll add yours to mine 🙂

  2. Ahhh, didn’t see your list in the side bar – and by the way, I have postet for years as aevilja on wordpress, but I go by lauriestrode on Blogger, just to confuse the matter 😀

    • I decided, to keep some of my sanity, to just post a list of everyone I saw that was doing it on the side. (And somehow…showing that I made a comment, but not showing the comment…just seems to make sense. Just like every time I try to reply using my gmail account, it tries to force me to create a Blogger account.)

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