52 Week Challenge: Plaid!

I was a bit delayed getting this week’s mani up for a couple of reasons. I volunteer to help our local high school bowling conference with keeping their statistics up, and it’s the end of the season. I have to get everything together before Friday afternoon. And, also…I had to get some nail art paint, because that was seriously lacking. I tried using my art acrylics, but yeah…that didn’t turn out well.


Plaid Friday! But on Wednesday!

The base is a kind of a layer-franken. I had two layers of a REALLY old Sally Hansen color I found in the bathroom, Champagne Frost. It’s a peachish pearl, which I dulled down by a layer of Sinful Colors “You Just Wait”. I was hoping for more of the greenish from the “You Just Wait” to show up.

Green makes things look better

The plaid came from a bright “Kiss Nail Art” set I got at Walmart. I put the teal, then the pink, and then the purple. I then went back and went over some of the lines with the original color, to get some of the plaid effect, where it goes over one color, but under another. I then put a coat of your basic clear nail polish over it, and then some Seche Vite.

Close up of the plaidyness. Yes, I make up my own words.


While I only did one hand (waay too much fine work at this time to do both hands), I like how it looks. Will need to try this again when I’m steadier with my left hand. LoL

Note: All nail enamel mentioned in this manicure is from my own personal collection, and was not provided for compensation.


6 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge: Plaid!

  1. Oh! I think this is one of my favorite plaid mani’s. I love the detail, but I can totally see why you would not want to do this on both hands. That looks like a ton of work. You are far more patient than I.

    I’ve really debated doing this challenge myself (cause I love nail art!), but I am not sure I should add another challenge to what I am doing already :S I’m already doing the 31 day challenge and hosting a challenge/contest over at my blog

    • I was very impressed with it! Seeing as I’m newish to nail art, (and I’m about as ambidextrous as a rock) there’s no way I’m doing it on both hands. LoL

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