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Weekly Nail Challenge – Week 8

To be honest? I had NO idea that there was such a thing as a corset manicure. I thought we had to do one that was inspired by a corset. In my mind, there’s only one corset that REALLY matters:

"So come up to the lab... and see what's on the slab"

Rocky Horror Picture Show for the win.

So, with the colors I had, I did an omage to his shiny, rainbow-y corset.

Let's do the Time Warp again!

The polishes….oh, the polishes! Let’s see here…The base color was Sinful Colors’ “Out of This World”. On top of that, to try to get a slight glimmer, I added some of China Glaze’s “Fairy Dust”. And then, there were two layers of Wet N’ Wild’s “Party of Five Glitters”. And then…on top of THAT, was two to three layers, I don’t remember how many, of Nicole by OPI’s “Rainbow in the S-Kylie”, from the Kardashian Kollection. I like “Out of This World” as a nice silver base. “Party of Five Glitters” is just that: five types of glitters. There’s large silver hexagonical glitters, middle size green, teal, and fuschia glitter, and then small fuschia glitter.

But “Rainbow in the S-Kylie”? Oh my goodness, SO MANY SHININES! I can’t list the colors and sizes of glitters in it. I don’t own “Rainbow Connection”, but if you can’t find it, get your hands on Rainbow in the S-Kylie IMMEDIATELY. From what I can see looking at my nails, and other comparisons, they’re dead dupes.



…i am not looking forward to taking the polish off…


Note: All of these polishes come from my personal collection. No money or product was given in exchange.


I’m officially an addict…

Or, more specifically, a Maven.

The Box of Happiness

When I took the quiz, it came back as “American Beauty”, which makes sense. That one seems the most “jeans and T-shirt”-y. More images and opinions below.

WARNING FOR THOSE WITH A SLOW CONNECTION: It will be graphic-heavy after the jump.

52 Week Challenge – Valentine’s Day Mani

Happy Singles’ Awareness day!

I wasn’t sure which I wanted more when I thought about “Valentine’s Day”: pink and hearts, or chocolate. So, I decided to do…both.

Now, let's see me hold a box!

I couldn’t find my handy dandy lotion bar, so I grabbed the box my new necklace came in.

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52 Week Challenge: Half Moon Mani

Yay! I found my camera! So now I can be not AS late posting my mani!

I HAD planned on making something moon colored, and then layer enough polishes to look like the night sky, but my plan ended up with 13 layers of polish on my tip. So, then I decided to go pretty basic. I used just my base coat, my SV top coat, and one of my newest polishes: Milani 3D Holographic in Hi-Res. And, of course, the go-to nail guide of 3-ring binder reinforcement stickers.


I was scared when I got it, and one of its sister polishes, HD. I didn’t see ANY holographic goodness. 😦 However, now that I have it on, I see why everyone’s in love with it. Even in the light of my bedroom, I can see the rainbowy shimmers. And it’s purple. I have always loved purple. (Remember, my room is painted in a light purple called Darlington! Although, I don’t see how light purple relates to Darlington: I always associated it with black. Must be NASCAR!mind).

It’s a nice change from my layers of paint and color lately. Sometimes, I forget that simple can be good, too. Now, to figure out what I’m going to do for next week’s mani…

 Note: All nail polishes mentioned are from my personal collection, and were not provided for review or compensation.

When life gives you fail….you make fail-ade.

Unngh, bad news.

I don’t have any pictures of this week’s mani. I had taken them before going to my brother’s house for my niece and nephew’s birthday party…and promptly forgot that camera at his place. And, of course, now it’s off. It was interesting, but not something I think I’d do…at least with that color. I used “Fast Lane” from Pure Ice, which is an old gold color. It was the lightest color I had on hand that wasn’t white. It was hard to see the newsprint unless you were looking at the nails specifically. It wasn’t something immediately noticeable. Even then, because of the darker background, it was still difficult. I’m on the search for a light grey color, so I can see if it works better using that.

I do have a different mani on now, though. If I can find my GOOD camera (the one I only use when, for example, I’m on a trip), I’ll have to take a picture of it. I used China Glaze’s VII for the base, and then layered Pure Ice’s “Busted” and “Cheatin”, and INM’s “Northern Lights” (because I thought I grabbed “Fairy Dust” from China Glaze, which is very similar). If I find the camera, I’ll show and tell. If not..I’ll just tell. (Let’s say it’s sparkle-icious).