When life gives you fail….you make fail-ade.

Unngh, bad news.

I don’t have any pictures of this week’s mani. I had taken them before going to my brother’s house for my niece and nephew’s birthday party…and promptly forgot that camera at his place. And, of course, now it’s off. It was interesting, but not something I think I’d do…at least with that color. I used “Fast Lane” from Pure Ice, which is an old gold color. It was the lightest color I had on hand that wasn’t white. It was hard to see the newsprint unless you were looking at the nails specifically. It wasn’t something immediately noticeable. Even then, because of the darker background, it was still difficult. I’m on the search for a light grey color, so I can see if it works better using that.

I do have a different mani on now, though. If I can find my GOOD camera (the one I only use when, for example, I’m on a trip), I’ll have to take a picture of it. I used China Glaze’s VII for the base, and then layered Pure Ice’s “Busted” and “Cheatin”, and INM’s “Northern Lights” (because I thought I grabbed “Fairy Dust” from China Glaze, which is very similar). If I find the camera, I’ll show and tell. If not..I’ll just tell. (Let’s say it’s sparkle-icious).


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