52 Week Challenge – Valentine’s Day Mani

Happy Singles’ Awareness day!

I wasn’t sure which I wanted more when I thought about “Valentine’s Day”: pink and hearts, or chocolate. So, I decided to do…both.

Now, let's see me hold a box!

I couldn’t find my handy dandy lotion bar, so I grabbed the box my new necklace came in.

The base for the bright magenta fingers was Sally Hansen’s Hard As Wraps Magenta Creme. It’s a nice, bright, shocking pink, and the brightest I had. Well, besides my neon pink, but I didn’t want neon. I wanted nearly neon. :p I put a coat of SV over that so it dried, and then I used one of my two stamping plates.

I stamped my nails, and I liked it! I hope my art paints don't mind it...

I think I used m2…may have been m3. I don’t know. I bought one of the Konad stamping kits, that came with three teeny stamping polishes, two plates, and a stamper for Christmas. This is one of the first times I tried to stamp and had it actually turn out! 😮 Usually it ended up a hot mess.

The accent finger is a layer of Random No Name Nail Polish. All I know is that it’s called “Blackberry Cream”. It worked perfectly for a chocolately filling. I figure there’s no use saying how the coverage and that went, because I have no idea how old the polish is. On top of that went a layer of top coat, and then I put the crackle on. It’s named Epidemic, and it comes from Cherimoya’s 2012 crackle collection. To be honest, I bought it SPECIFICALLY because it was a brown crackle, and I’ll need it for when I decide to do NASCAR-themed manis. (Having brown is required when one of your drivers drives the M and Ms car.) It’s a nice chocolate-y brown, and really makes the Blackberry Cream look like the middle of a filled chocolate. I did the opposite on my other hand: my accent finger was the dark pink with the stamping, and the others were the light pink with the crackle.

Now I REALLY want to go and get a box of chocolates.



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