I’m officially an addict…

Or, more specifically, a Maven.

The Box of Happiness

When I took the quiz, it came back as “American Beauty”, which makes sense. That one seems the most “jeans and T-shirt”-y. More images and opinions below.

The contents, all wrapped up with a neat little bow...

My cat, Aakie, has since claimed the ribbon as one of her cat toys. She also took a couple of the paper pieces, and had to see up close what I got.

All good kitties must make sure they approve of what their pets get.

So, besides the chocolate, what all did I get?

Glenn Close? Red carpet? Works for me.

Glenn is a pearl-esque red, which reminds me completely of the red carpet that you see for almost any awards show. It applied fairly easily (I had to put it on right after I got it, you know!), and doesn’t show much wear after a day on my nails. I’m toughish on my nails, spending all day typing on a computer, then most of the night for fun. Most of the reds I have in my collection, all two of them, are creams, so this is a welcome change.

Oooh, shiny...

Oscar it what it is: a gold glitter. It seemed a little gloopy, but that could also be because I simply haven’t had a lot of glitters in my collection until recently. I tried putting it on my niece’s nails: even with one coat, the glitter applied well, but it wore off right away. Of course, seeing as my niece is 4 and a half, you can take that how you will.

This isn't perfume...

Finally, we have their cuticle oil. I love that it’s a roll-on: it makes it much easier to apply than if it was a bottle with a brush (not that I don’t love my cuticle oils in bottles). The scent is also interesting. Most of the oils I’ve had either have smelled like nothing, or like sweet almond/avocado (which I LOVE as a scent). Julep’s, though, has a lot different scent than what I’m used to. While there is some sweet almost oil in it, you don’t have the fruitier scent. Instead you get the earthier scents of rosewood, lavender, and ylang ylang. I mostly pick out the lavender, but that’s me. So far, it seems to be working. It’s softening up the callus/hang nail-ish spot on my right ring finger due to bowling, and it’s softening my cuticles, especially on my right thumb (which I accidentally ripped while trying to push them down. Oops. :/) It also absorbed fairly quickly, as opposed to the other cuticle oils I’ve used, where I had to rub them in to absorb.

All in all, I’m totally addicted. If you’re interested in seeing what being a Maven is all about, click on the link that says “Julep Maven”. If you click on it and sign up, I’ll get credits, I’ll then get credits which are then applied towards future boxes. (Hey, I believe in full disclosure!) I don’t have any discount codes as of right now, but if I get any, I’ll put them right below the link.

Note: All nail products mentioned in this manicure is from my own personal collection, and a review was not provided in exchange for compensation.


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