Holy cow, an update! :o

I did end up finding my other camera, so here are some updates!  Two weekly challenge pictures, and a DIY project.


A week that I felt comfortable with! No art, no nail techniques I’ve never heard of, and one I’ve done A TON of times. This is a staple for me when I paint my nails for, say, when I go to the NASCAR race I go to every June, so my nails either match my driver’s colors, or one nail for each driver. I’m a fangirl at heart.

When I thought “skittle manicure”, I decided to not just go with a monochromatic theme. I went…with Skittles. Yes, the neon covered candy.

Mmmm...sugary fruity goodness...


From left to right: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Rapid Red (my go-to red), Milani in Juicy Glo (I believe…I misplaced the bottle), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow, Sinful Colors in Kelly Green, and Julep in Helena. I’m not going to lie: I had to go and buy a bag of Skittles because I got hungry looking at my nails.

I’m a fat!kid. What can I say?

Shockingly, except for Mellow Yellow, the colors pretty much matched the Skittles EXACTLY. That made me proud. *struts*



This is one that I hadn’t heard of until this challenge. And, this is one that after I did it, I could see myself doing in the future. It’s REALLY simple: not even I could mess it up! 😮

Yay purple!

I used Julep’s Anne for the base, and then put China Glaze’s Grape Pop on top of it. I also used my french tip guides to block off Anne after it was dry. It might have left TOO wide of a gap, but it was something I didn’t mind.



While suring YouTube for nail polish reviews and stuff, I ran across several videos explaining how to build a nail polish rack using foam board and a hot glue gun. Now, I’m not exactly the industrial type, but I do relish myself to be artsy craftsy. I mean, I do occasionally paint an awesome picture. So, I set out to build one myself.

Oooh, isn't it pretty? And, yes, I have them sorted by color, then type.

To build it, I followed the instructions on Luxxe.com, because I’m horrible at following instructions on a video. If you want a video…simply go to YouTube and type in “DIY Nail Polish Rack.” You’ll see about a zillion videos (and tons of comments saying so-and-so stole the idea from so-and-so.) It took me a few hours to built, but mostly because I was doing it while watching a replay of a baseball game.

I’ve had it for a few weeks, and it’s stayed up pretty well. One tip I can give, though: when you put it up, use nails or screws. I tried using a couple of those hooks that you put in to the wall that are supposed to hold 50 pounds each, and I had a difficult time trying to put the rack up after doing so. My brother, though, is waiting for it to fall apart and for all the polishes to land on top of my head, as it’s right above my bed.

I found out a couple of thing while building it, though. The first is that foam board is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to cut straight, unless you use a saw or something. While it may look good in the photo, it looks like my four year old niece cut it close up. The second is that I have a TON of nail polish. I counted after I put it up, and I have over 100 bottles, including all of my top coats. I’m shocked, too. I didn’t think I had that many! I might have to build another one.


I haven’t had time to do the striped manicure yet. Hopefully I’ll have it done by Sunday. *crosses fingers*


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