My first real review!

I figured, aside from showing my poor attempts for my 52 Week Challenge, I should finally start doing some swatches and stuff. The first one is one of the polishes I got in my Julep Maven box this month: Eva.

Sorry for the fuzzy...and the hangnail mark.

Julep described Eva as a “raspberry creme”, and I think that pretty much nails it. It’s pinker than the image shows, almost falling in to the magenta category. I used a base coat of “Post trauma Nail Treatment” by Revlon, and a top coat of “Insta-dri” from Sally Hansen.




I wasn’t sure how it’d apply, seeing as when I used Anne, it was pretty goopy and hard to use. Eva applied pretty well, taking two layers to reach opacity. The formula was easy to apply. My tip looks less opaque, but that’s mostly because I’d been using a nail whitening pencil, which seemed to peep through all but my darkest paints.


It was pretty durable. Considering how tough I am on my nails, it lasted pretty well. I had minimal, if no, chipping, and the tip wear on my right hand (which is my bowling hand) was minimal. In fact, the only large-ish chip I had was on my ring finger on my right hand, which isn’t a big shock to me. It happens when you bowl with a semi-fingertip ball.


Overall, this is a polish I can definitely see myself wearing over and over. The color is cute, and the application and wear were all pretty good.

And now…for something that sounds like an advertisement. It’s not. Julep Nail Salon has a pretty good deal if you’re in to nail polish: For about $20.00 a month, you can be a Julep Maven. As a Maven, you get either two bottles of polish and another product, or three bottles of polish, depending on which one you get. Each box has a different combination of polishes, based on a quiz to determine your “style”. They also occasionally send out boxes where you get all the products offered that month, and also “mystery boxes” where you get a bunch of random items (ie: nail polish and other products they offer).

AND…to the best of my knowledge, if you type in “SHAREONMARCH” in the box, you get your first Maven box for about $0.01! How can you pass THAT up? Click on the link on the right hand side of the page titled “Become a Juelp Maven” if you’re interested.

Note: Eva comes from my personal collection. No money or product was given in exchange for this review, nor for mentioning the Maven program. However, I may get free products from Julep, based on the people that sign up through my link.


2 thoughts on “My first real review!

    • It’s not a problem!

      Aaah, that’s where you got them from. They’re really cute, and I really need to head out there more often. But it’s so far away from my house. ;_;

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