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My first real review!

I figured, aside from showing my poor attempts for my 52 Week Challenge, I should finally start doing some swatches and stuff. The first one is one of the polishes I got in my Julep Maven box this month: Eva.

Sorry for the fuzzy...and the hangnail mark.

Julep described Eva as a “raspberry creme”, and I think that pretty much nails it. It’s pinker than the image shows, almost falling in to the magenta category. I used a base coat of “Post trauma Nail Treatment” by Revlon, and a top coat of “Insta-dri” from Sally Hansen.

Click below for review!


First post.

These posts are always the worst. Mostly because…there’s not much to talk about. I’m an early thirty something with a ton of nail polish, which fills up a five and a half quart container. It’s also heavily unorganized because, hey, there’s not much organization I can do.

This is primarily for my nail experiments, based off of tutorials I’ve seen online. There may also be my own designs. I’m not afraid to show my attempts, where they turn out…or not. It’s fun because you can see that not all nails, or nail attempts, are perfect. You’ll mostly see my left hand, because I’m right handed, and a putz when using my left hand.

Um…I think that’s it.

EDIT: These are my opinions, and my opinions ONLY. Everyone has their own opinion.

Don’t like it? Tough. :p