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52 Week Challenge: Stripes

I know this is late, but I didn’t have a chance to take a photo until last night. This week’s theme was “stripes”. And, with Friday being Opening Day for my Brewers, I wanted to do something with Brewers colors, so that’s what I did.

Please excuse the ugly cuticle and the chip on my index finger. Hence, the new name of the blog.

For the base, I used Pure Ice’s “Fast Lane”. It’s a nice gold color, but I can’t wear it alone. It just doesn’t look right with my skin tones. I masked the stripes off with my French tip guides, then painted Sinful Color’s “Midnight Blue” on top of it. It’s the darkest blue I have. Even then, it’s still not the right color. But, that’s mostly me being picky. The base was Revlon’s “Post Trauma Nail Treatment”, and I used Sally Hansen’s “Insta-Dri” not only between the gold and the blue layer,  I put it on as my top coat. I like it more than SV. While it takes longer to dry, it lasts longer and isn’t as goopy. It’s almost like the more you use SV, the goopier it gets. My theory is that, with the air in the bottle, it makes it thicker.

I probably could have done the stripes better by  either cutting my guides in half, or trying to find my masking tape and cutting small strips. But I like it this way.

I’ve got some swatches to do, and then I’ll do my Easter mani. Yay! Almost back on track!


Updates on stuff

Question for everyone…

Would you prefer I just blog, or take pictures?

The issue is that I…seem to have misplaced my camera that I’ve been using for my nail blog photos. While I do have another camera, it’s rather bulky, and I’d prefer to not use it unless I have to. Hopefully I find it soon, though. :/

In the meantime, I did do a St. Patrick’s day manicure. On all but my ring fingers, I put “This Is It” from Sinful Colors, which is almost like a gold foil. Very appropriate for gold. I then put “Oscar” from Julip Maven and Sinful Color’s “Call You Later” on top of it. Both are glitters: Oscar is a simple gold glitter, while Call You Later is a green and gold glitter. (I have a fondness for that polish, as I work it every week during the Packers’ Super Bowl run in 2011.) I also put Oscar on my right ring finger, which I painted with Sinful Color’s (ironically enough) “Irish Green”. I also used Irish Green on my left ring finger, but only to paint a three leaf clover on top of a couple of coats of a generic French Manicure white. I took a pic on my phone, so if anyone wants to see it, just comment. 🙂

If I’d have known that this week was “Skittle Mani” week, I’d have taken a picture of my nails Monday night. In support of the local girls’ college basketball team, I painted my nails to match the school colors. Unfortunately, they lost, but the colors were still cute. 🙂 I love Skittle Mani’s, because it’s the best way for me to show my support for my teams. I’ll have to think about what I want to do for this week, and take either a picture with my other camera, or my phone again.

52 Week Challenge: French Tip Mani

It’s that time.

Playoffs. My weekly mani update.

In honor of the NFL Wild Card Playoffs (and the Packers playing next weekend), I decided to deck my nails in more green and yellow splendor. Hey, I did my nails during the playoffs last year, and the Packers won the Super Bowl, so…

PLAYOFFS!? Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?!?

I used Sally Hansen’s Mellow Yellow and Ulta’s Envy for the tips, very carefully tracing along the curve of my free edge. I then coated them with a layer of Sally Hansen Double Duty Base/Top Coat to try to even everything out and soften the edges. (No pictures, because my camera wasn’t cooperating with me. DX) On top of that, I added a layer of Sinful Colors’ Call You Later, then another coat of Double Duty.

I use Mellow Yellow VERY rarely, because I do not like the formula at all. It’s extremely streaky, and takes forever to dry decently. Call You Later is an interesting mix. It has teeny tiny yellow glitters, tiny green glitters, and medium sized green glitters. The only drawback is well…it’s a glitter.

(I’m holding a lemongrass lavender lotion bar from a local company.)

EDIT: Because of the number of people that are doing this, I’ve got a section of my links especially set up for the 52 Week Mani Challenge blogs that I know of. If you want to be added, just let me know. 🙂

Note: All nail polishes and lotions mentioned are from my personal collection, and were not provided for review or compensation.

NOTD: Packers Nails 1

It’s the end of the regular (American) football season, which means one thing: everyone in Green Bay is decked out in green and yellow. I’ll admit: football isn’t my most favorite sport.


That doesn’t mean, of course, that I don’t show Packers pride. It just means I don’t dye my hair green and yellow. I paint my nails, instead. This time, I decided on one of the more popular “at home” nail decorations: sponging.
Let’s see what’s behind door number one