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Holy cow, an update! :o

I did end up finding my other camera, so here are some updates!  Two weekly challenge pictures, and a DIY project.

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52 Week Challenge: Half Moon Mani

Yay! I found my camera! So now I can be not AS late posting my mani!

I HAD planned on making something moon colored, and then layer enough polishes to look like the night sky, but my plan ended up with 13 layers of polish on my tip. So, then I decided to go pretty basic. I used just my base coat, my SV top coat, and one of my newest polishes: Milani 3D Holographic in Hi-Res. And, of course, the go-to nail guide of 3-ring binder reinforcement stickers.


I was scared when I got it, and one of its sister polishes, HD. I didn’t see ANY holographic goodness. 😦 However, now that I have it on, I see why everyone’s in love with it. Even in the light of my bedroom, I can see the rainbowy shimmers. And it’s purple. I have always loved purple. (Remember, my room is painted in a light purple called Darlington! Although, I don’t see how light purple relates to Darlington: I always associated it with black. Must be NASCAR!mind).

It’s a nice change from my layers of paint and color lately. Sometimes, I forget that simple can be good, too. Now, to figure out what I’m going to do for next week’s mani…

 Note: All nail polishes mentioned are from my personal collection, and were not provided for review or compensation.

NotD: Glowing Bloom

While looking around on Pinterest, I stumbled upon a site called Design Seeds©, which show pre-made color pallets based on images. This helps when you have a base color…but don’t know which other colors to go around it.

I had already painted my nails with Revlon’s Grape Icy from their Scented collection:

Revlon's Grape Icy: the base

It smells awesome…but it takes FOREVER to dry. 😦

With that color in mind, I went searching for a set of colors, and found their pallet called “Glowing Bloom”. And thus….my next mani was born.
Time for flowers?